Ritu Sharma is a multifaceted artist. Ritu’s signature style is all about Mandala, geometric art painting, Watercolor and Acrylic Painting, abstract painting. Ritu is one of handful of living painter & artist and founder of online fashion retail business. 

Ritu was born in India and moved to London, UK later on. She did her Education in Electronics Engineering and Human Resource Management from India. 
Creating art is her way of revealing the hidden beauty that exists around us. Each artwork holds a unique vibration of calm, healing energy that radiates out and connects with the viewer. Art for her is an intuitive process that relies heavily on her knowledge of design and visual balance. Her ongoing work of Geometric art continues to influence her and brings a deeper energetic connection to each artwork.

She is currently working towards building a collection of large paintings on Canvas and Mount Boards using new techniques and medium.


Each Art takes own time…from 2 to over 100 plus hours each. Each Art is her passion and love and takes patience, concentration and judgement. Creation of meaningful art is a goal for her.


Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Consultant: By Profession Ritu is Human Resource and Experienced talent acquisition professional with success recruiting in a variety of areas and Industry: IT Management, Financial Services, Banking, IT, Telecoms, Technology and Professional Services, Agriculture, Commodity Industry. She works independently for various clients in UK and / India for Permanent and Temporary staffing. Online Fashion Product Business (www.bridgers.global) Bridgers Global is Online shopping platform only work with the very best brands in the fashion industry. They have huge collection of branded luxury products at discounted price. Within that range Bridgers Global offers unique styles that simply won’t find anywhere else at published price. Bridgers Global express ship from partners to over 190 countries worldwide.


Art: Art for me is an expression of idea, emotion, inspiration or sometime just a form of therapy. I often choose my themes based on its level of appeal to me at the time of drawing that’s why you will see a variation in my art form. I use different methods of drawing and painting to create a strong sense of visual communications using shapes, lines, colours, tones and textures. 

: I am interested in all aspects of nature photography including landscapes, waterfalls, birds, butterflies and sometime my photography becomes the inspiration for my next painting. Photography helps me explore and appreciate the hidden beauty of mother nature.

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