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Hello, I am Ritu Sharma. An artist, brain stroke survivor, and a business woman. 

I started painting just after suffering from brain stroke. Initial, I adopted it as my therapy and to cure myself but now it's my serious profession. 

I believe there is a beauty in most simple things in life. Whether purely in colours, the play of light or shadow, achieved by shape or contrast, or elevated through composition. 

When choosing a subject and tools for a painting , I look for these elements and try to capture an image that will evoke the same feeling. My influences ranged from everyday objects, thoughts, emotions and sometime a glimpse of a sunshine in London. I draw my paintings in number of forms and not limited to abstract, ancient folk art techniques and modern. 

I have explored impasto work with palette knife and or mix of palette with brush and micro thin permanent marker pens. My work covers broader spectrum, blending and layering of colour for the effect and hidden beauty that I see in my subjects. 

Creating art is my way of revealing the hidden beauty that exists around us. Even inside us! Each and every artwork holds a unique vibration of calm, healing energy that connects with the viewer. It even tells its own unique story! Something the viewer can decide! For me, art is an intuitive process that relies heavily on my knowledge of design and visual balance. 

I also use it to calm my mind and train it for patience.   Each painting takes its own time to make (from 2 to over 100+ hours). It takes a lot of patience and concentration. Judgement plays a big role in deciding how the masterpieces turn out. Creating meaningful and impactful artwork gives me tremendous amounts of joy.